I don’t know but I just needed to get this out. I know it is a diversion from my therapy that all of you guys are helping me through, but this just annoys me.

I come from a family that always took its food seriously. We all cook mostly from scratch. And don’t ask me why, I somehow thought it would be a good idea to invite a bunch of people over to celebrate Thanksgiving.

It is the anniversary of the day that my life took a new turn. Thanksgiving 2011 was the day that my then husband had returned from his extended “business trip” to share the holiday with the family.  He was all sweet and charming to everyone and even made a huge elaborate drunken thank you speech about his amazing wife  (me) and how he would not be where he was if it were not for me. Later after everyone left, I got the real news.

So now I have invited way too many people, none who can cook to share this holiday. Hopefully there is safety in numbers. Last year was a disaster because I just broke down in tears crying. It was just my son and one of his friends.

I make pies from scratch. I like to use lard. Most years I have gotten it mailed to me from a farm in Pennsylvania (I live in California!). This year I did not get anything like that together. So I went out here in my health conscious environment to look for some lard to make some incredibly flaky pie crusts.

I live in the land of chicken sausage and turkey bacon. So when I asked for lard, I got a confused look as to what was I talking about. Then when they finally understood what I was requesting, you should see the looks of disgust that I have gotten. I finally got irritated and looked at the butcher and said that it was way easier to buy heroin in this town than it is to buy lard. And it is more socially acceptable.

I know about the heroin transactions because I used to park outside a McDonlad’s so I could piggy back on the wifi location. It was scary the transactions that I witnessed in that parking lot. This is not a slum area and it was less than a block from that Whole Foods where I got the disgusted look from the butcher.

So I know there are clinical studies etc. to say otherwise, but my mother (the Narc I write about) is 96, still drives and looks like she is maybe 75 years old. She grew up on pork fat. She told me stories about how before refrigeration, pickled meat was stored in the cool areas of the basement in crocks of lard. Meat was just scooped out of there and fried up with some veggies and potatoes.

And pie crusts were always made of lard.

I am a big fan of Dr. Mercola. He says that there are 3 types of people who live on this planet. The first group should only eat chicken and fish, little fat and endless carbs. The second group is the most common group who should eat a Mediterranean diet which is equal portions of everything. Then there is the third group and they should be eating lots of rich fat, meat, veggies and little to no carbs. I think I am somewhere in between  group 2 and 3.

I really do not adhere to this, but it gave me permission to take the plunge and eat fat. Now I eat less, I am satisfied and I never have hunger pangs or cravings. I even lost a little weight, but nothing to speak of.

I know that a lot of you may not agree with me, but it does work for me. I read this on the HuffPo.

Look at the comments. Hostility.

Everybody loves to talk about how they think diversity is important. What about diversity of thought and eating habits? Do we have to wait until someone we love to get on TV and give us permission?

I have been eating coconut oil for more than 20 years. I have always loved and craved it from the time that I spent living in SE Asia.  I could only buy it at a certain health food store for years. Same looks of disgust when I would ask for that. Now everybody can’t eat enough of the stuff.

Anybody still eat margarine?

Cigarette smoking is another one. I love when people feign coughing when someone dares to smoke within 20 feet of them and then they go smoke their vape pen. Smelling that gives me a headache.

I really don’t smoke, I had one cigarette last year, but I do not think that someone “is less than” because they smoke cigarettes. And why is it ok to shame cigarette smokers and be ok with people that smoke pot all of the time?

I still have an ashtray in my house, I am not sure if you can even buy them anymore in this state. But I keep it for those that drop by and want to imbibe.  I do still make them go outside, but I live in Southern California. It is never that cold.


7 thoughts on “Lard

  1. Awesome! I love this. Dietary fats are really good for our brains and I’m so on your side with what you write here. I have some tallow sitting on my counter that I actually rendered myself from suet I bought from a local farmer.

    And I’m in Pennsylvania (PA). I’d love to know what farm you order your lard from. I eat all that stuff, prefer my eggs from a farmer, butter. But I have yet to try lard. When I stick with the good fats steadily in my diet I do feel much better.

    Someone you might be interested in checking out is Healthy Home Economist. She’s got a channel on YouTube and a website.

    • Me too, I do much better with fats in my diet too. And I enjoy eating much more, especially without THE GUILT!!!!

      Healthy Home Economist sounds interesting. I will definitely check her out.

      Lucky you for living in Pennsylvania. Great place to get great access to fresh healthy food.

      About 3 years ago, the state of California made it close to impossible to get unpasteurized milk. All the dairys were up in arms and got a law passed to make it extremely difficult to sell unpasteurized milk. Now it is extremely expensive and hard to come by. The same with butter and creme.

      I have a distant cousin who has a ranch in Northern California. He has the most amazing beef, but he cannot sell it, he can only give it away. It would cost him too much money to adhere to the intricate and confusing laws governing the state.

      Over the decades, I have watched so many small butchers go out of business because of all of the extra laws that are continually imposed on them to “protect” the population.

      The place that I used to get the leaf lard was from Dietrich’s in Krumsville (love that name!). Google recipes for pie crust and leaf lard. There are lots out there.

      • Thank you for your response. I hadn’t heard of Krumsville but I googled it. It’s in a county not too terribly far from me. It’s funny though when I googled the town and state there was a result of a map on the right side with the name of the town and then to the left of it, was the store name. I had not included the store name in my search. Lol.

        It’s really sad about all those laws in California. I was under the impression before I read the blog post that CA was more progressive than that…well, in a good way that is.

        I am now triple grateful for the food and farmers’ markets that are available to us here.

      • California was once known as the breadbasket to the world. Don’t get me wrong there is still a lot of great produce available.

        But as the years progress more and more farmland is bought up and developed for housing. As the laws regarding farming and now water rights get more and more strict the farmers loose their incentive to keep farming. With real estate at a premium, it just makes sense for the farmers to sell their land for development.

        If you haven’t heard we are in a huge drought. There is a tiny minnow that environmentalists want to save so they lobbied for rights to divert the water supply to keep them flourishing. In the last few years that has devastated the farming communities.

        It is all very complex but as usual, the ones with the most money always win.

        Kind of like my divorce feels like!

        California pretends to be progressive but they are just lining their pockets (like all politicians do on both sides). I read in a Sacramento newspaper that 12% of California’s politicians have actually been CONVICTED of corruption. So who knows how many more actually are corrupt!

        It is California’s fault, we keep voting these fools in. IDK maybe all that pot growing up north has seeped into the water supply.

        The weather is always too nice to worry about something silly like politics.

  2. No replies left so I’m responding here:

    Wow, and I had the ‘grass is greener’ thoughts going on with CA in the past. This is so sad. Not that the minnow doesn’t deserve to live, but what a priority. Seems the people don’t matter quite as much.

    I think a lot of the good things I hear about the state comes from vegans since the produce seems to be good and plentiful there. Plenty of raw food restaurants too I guess.

    As far as politicians and voting them in, there isn’t much of choice when both sides are likely corrupt anyway.

    Oh and yes, I was aware of the drought, but only recently. I saw a post somewhere online of pictures of the huge snowstorm up in Buffalo and there was a comment under the pics that said, “I wish someone could figure out how to get all the water that will make from there to California.”

    I had the thought that it must be possible. But that is not likely to happen and I sure don’t know how to do that, and if I did I don’t have the money for it either.

    Speaking of money, it’s so true, right or wrong doesn’t matter, it’s all about what you can buy.

    When I read this kind of information…tons of snow in New York and no doubt other northeastern states, and droughts out west, I think maybe I am in a good part of the country. We get snow but not nearly as much as Buffalo just got and droughts have been rare. (Knock wood.)

  3. The only type of eating plan I have EVER lost weight on, without having to starve myself to do it, was low carb, with full fats. Many people don’t realize it’s sugars which cause plaque build-up in arteries, not fats.

    Sad, I would have to steer away from what sounds like extremely delicious pie, with a super flaky lard crust. 🙂 Happy eating!!

  4. Thank you, I just yearn for a simpler life and the old foods everybody used to eat without the guilt!

    While I was still in my very destructive marriage, one of my many jobs that I was expected to perform was “short order cook” and “special diet chef”. I spent so many years doing “lactos free, gluten free, sugar free, fat free etc” meals, protein shakes and on and on… If I never see another bag of quinoa I will be very happy.

    The only thing that all of that did for me was make me spend more time in the kitchen figuring on creative ways on how to make it all palatable. What really made me crazy was that I was supposed to adhere to this strict dietary needs and then when he went out he would just gorge on the real stuff. During the holidays I also got a “reprieve”.

    So when he left, so did all of that stuff in the kitchen. I started having coffee with full cream (yum!) and putting lots of butter on my toast. At first I thought I was just indulging myself, but I found that I had less of an appetite and could spend less time in the kitchen and when I did go in there, I cooked what I liked.

    I am a big fan of French food and it had been to many years of avoiding it!

    But even old classic American dishes too. Mexican food all of it!

    I know everybody is on this special diet train, And I know that it is all good for you but enough is enough! You cannot even buy Mexican tortillas with lard any more. It has been about 15 years since I saw any with the ingredient lard on the back of the package. The ingredients used to read “flour, lard, sodium bicarbonate” that was it. Now you pick up a package and it has about 10 lines of ingredients in small print no less! I don’t understand why people would go to this extent to avoid a simple ingredient like lard.

    Why such evil connotations for a simple food? Has America really gotten that much healthier with all of these new dietary guidelines?

    I remember years ago when everybody was gobbling up oat bran, clinical trials proved that it lowered cholesterol. Who wants high cholesterol? It finally came out the entity that paid for that clinical trial regarding oat bran was none other than Quaker Oats!!!

    I am all about eating locally mostly (I still like pineapple and I don’t live in Hawaii) and supporting the small farmers and their products. And I want to fry it all up with butter or lard!!!!!

    I want to see America put the lard back in the larder!

    Of course that is, if you don’t have to keep a kosher, halal or vegan kitchen.

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